Consultation Oct 2015

Consultation Oct 2015

The first step in the Consultation process was to hold an event for Barrowden and Wakerley residents on the 30th September 2015 & 3rd October 2015. This event was announced using a leaflet (Invitation to residents) to every household and a follow up invite using the village email.

Nine topics were discussed with residents over the two sessions

What is a Neighbourhood Plan Land Use and Development
Conservation and Character Recreation
Rural Economy Health and Welfare
Community Assets Utilities
Green Spaces Roads and Transport

Residents provided their comments by writing them on Post-It notes copies of which can be found at

After the sessions the resident’s responses  were reviewed and ones which were appropriate to a Neighbourhood Plan were included in an Outcomes Document click here

Other issues relating to Community Aspirations were advised to the Barrowden Parish Council for their consideration and further action as appropriate.