The Vision

The Vision

Our vision for Barrowden and Wakerley–

Small, sustainable and timely developments which meet the evolving needs of residents and reinforce the unique and distinctive character of the villages.

Retain and enhance the rich biodiversity of the rural landscape within the Welland Valley which unites the two communities.



What type and size of homes do we need?


To provide new housing in response to a proven need and ensure that such housing is available in a range of tenures, types and sizes to suit the requirements of local people of all ages so that they can continue to live in Barrowden andWakerley.

How can we deliver high quality design? To ensure that all new development is of high quality design that respects local distinctiveness and enhances the historic character and rural setting of the villages.

How can we minimise theimpact of development on the built and natural environment?


To minimise the impact of new development on the villages, the surrounding countryside, the landscape and the natural environment.

How can we maintain andenhance open spaces and promote access to thecountryside?  

To maintain and enhance the open spaces and improve connectivity to the wider countryside in order to retain our rural identity and tranquillity.


How can we reduce the needto travel?


To encourage the long-term sustainability of the community by reducing the need forcar journeys to and from the village.

What type of employment opportunities should we promote? To encourage local employment, especially home working.
How can we improve accessto services and facilities? To safeguard and enhance the provision of local leisure, recreation and community facilities to support all age groups and sustain our vibrant community.