Report to Residents on October 2015 Consultation

Report to Residents on October 2015 Consultation

Thanks to all of you who participated in the recent Neighbourhood Plan consultation events at the village hall. Over 100 villagers from Barrowden and Wakerley attended and shared their views and issues about our key topics.

This was a great start to the process and we now move onto the next phases of analysing the information gathered, engaging key stakeholders, getting expert input as we build options, seek further views from you via a questionnaire, and then pull all this together for a further open consultation to develop the final Neighbourhood Plan.

Whilst the Neighbourhood Plan focuses on the physical development of the villages, a number of issues have been raised where there are existing routes through which they can be addressed, for example with the Parish Council, Rutland County Council, East Northants District Council, etc. The Neighbourhood Plan Group will discuss these issues with the relevant bodies with a view to them being looked at in the short term rather than waiting for the Neighbourhood Plan to be completed.

A record of the issues that have been raised can be found at (Link to be added)

Once again, thank you for your support – this provides us with an excellent foundation to move forward.

Land Use and Development

The development of vacant plots of land for small scale development of two to four properties.

  • Individual plots?
  • Garden infill development?

The identification of land for a modest housing development, the type and range to be specified by the Neighbourhood Plan.

  • Family homes?
  • Starter homes?
  • Affordable housing?
  • Retirement housing?
  • Smaller properties for ‘downsizing’?

Development for employment.

  • Forestry?
  • Quarrying?
  • Agriculture?
  • Recreation?
  • Energy production?

Our Surroundings

What people value about the surroundings of our two villages.

  • Open views?
  • Trees?
  • Hedgerows, verges and greens?
  • Boundaries (hedges and walls)?
  • Water (river, duckpond, millpond)?

How people enjoy the surrounding green spaces.

  • Footpaths?
  • Allotments?
  • Views?
  • Walks?
  • Picnics?
  • Fishing?


What people appreciate about the heritage and character of the villages.

  • Open spaces and greens?
  • Landscape vistas?
  • Heritage features?

What current characteristics we need to secure for the future conservation of our communities.

  • Buildings?
  • Views?

Recreation and Children’s Facilities

What village facilities people currently use.

What improvement people would like to see.

What additional recreation facilities could be added.

  • Indoor?
  • Outdoor?

What facilities could cater for toddlers / primary school children / teenagers.

  • Skateboard park?
  • Tennis court(s)?

The Village Hall

  • Replace?
  • Refurbish?

Any other suggestions for facilities or improvements.


Water pressure and quality

  • Are we well-served?

Sewage capacity (flow and processing)

  • Adequate?

Surface water flooding

  • Is your property at risk?

Broadband services

  • High speed – how good?
  • Future needs?

TV, FM & digital radio

  • Is reception adequate?

Mobile phone services

  • Is reliable service essential?


  • Any need for a guaranteed power supply?
  • If so, how do we provide it?

Gas mains and bottled gas

  • Do you have mains gas?
  • Have you experienced any problems?


  • Is this an expensive solution of last resort?

Woodburning stoves

  • Do you have problems with wood supply?

Electric cars

  • Is there a need for charging point(s)?

Sustainable improvements

  • Should we encourage solar or wind farms?

Rural Economy and Security

Opportunities for local employment

  • Tourism / accommodation?
  • Agriculture – diversification?
  • Other industries?
  • Home working?

What local facilities and services are valued

  • Shopping?
  • Meeting places?
  • Pubs?
  • Places of worship?

What elements of local crime and security are important

  • CCTV?
  • Neighbourhood Watch?

Community Right to Bid (Assets of Community Value)

In many neighbourhoods there are often buildings and amenities that are integral to the communities that use them for example – village shops, pubs, recreation grounds or allotments.

The closure or sale of such buildings and amenities can create lasting damage.

The Localism Act introduces a Community Right to Bid (Assets of Community Value) which aims to ensure that buildings and amenities can be kept in public use and remain an integral part of community life. Under the Localism legislation, voluntary and community organisations and parish councils can nominate an asset to be included in a ‘list of assets of community value’. The local authority will then be required to maintain this list.

If the owner of a listed asset then wants to sell the asset a moratorium period will be triggered during which the asset cannot be sold. This is intended to allow community groups time to develop a proposal and raise the required capital to bid for the property when it comes onto the open market at the end of that period.

Assets of community value which are important

  • The community shop?
  • The church?
  • The village hall?
  • The pub?
  • The allotments?
  • The surgery?

The importance of a Community Right to Bid for assets in Barrowden or Wakerley

  • Yes? (if so, which ones)
  • No?

Roads and Transport

Issues concerning transport links in Wakerley and Barrowden

  • Public and community transport?
  • Impact of quarry traffic?
  • Flooding?
  • Emergency service access?
  • Winter problems?
  • Delivery vans?

Aspects of the road network in Barrowden and Wakerley

  • Speed and speed limit signs?
  • Traffic calming – where and what sort?
  • Other traffic signs?
  • Road maintenance?
  • Traffic flow (one way systems, pedestrian only)?

Important priorities for our roads and transport

  • Village car park? If so, where?
  • Converting verges to hardstanding for parking?
  • Parking at the shop, church, allotments, recreation ground, surgery?
  • Visitor and tourist parking?
  • Walking / cycling / riding safety?
  • Blind spots, parked cars?
  • Street lighting?