Your Involvement

Your Involvement

Throughout the development of the Plan, the Group listened to views of residents and other stakeholders

October 2015

The first step on the consultation process was to hold an event for Barrowden and Wakerley residents on the 30th September 2015 & 3rdOctober 2015. The events were publicised via the Village email and also through a flyer  “Invitation to residents” to every household.

This event was announced using a leaflet to every household and a follow up invite using the village email. Nine topics were put forward on storyboards

    • Land Use and Development
    • Green Spaces
    • Conservation and Character
    • Recreation
    • Health and Welfare
    • Utilities
    • Rural Economy
    • Community Assets
    • Roads and Transport

Residents were asked to express their views using yellow post it notes. After the sessions the resident’s responses, captured on post it notes, were reviewed and the themes from those that were appropriate to a Neighbourhood Plan were included in an Outcomes Document.

Other issues relating to Community Aspirations were advised to the Barrowden Parish Council for their consideration and further action as appropriate.

Residents provided their comments by writing them on Post-It notes copies of which can be found at

The outcomes were advised to residents via another flyer distributed to all households

March 2016 Questionnaire

In March 2016, the Group compiled a Questionnaire based upon the October consultation. The objective of the questionnaire was to gain the specific views of and to elicit further information from the residents of Barrowden and Wakerley on their key issues. This provided further information from the residents which put a focus on potential solutions. This questionnaire was delivered along with a letter to every household and also to local village organisations.

During the consultation period from the 27thFebruary 2016 to the 7thMarch 2016, 170 completed questionnaires were returned which represented 70% of the households within the two parishes. The results of the questionnaire were published on the Barrowden Parish Council Website in addition to reports circulated by Village email and in the Parish Magazine. The information gained from the questionnaire greatly assisted the writing of the first draft of the Plan.

Correspondence with Stakeholders

Contacts were made to local business including farmers, haulage companies, the surgery, The Shop and the Parochial Church Council seeking their views on the future developments in the two Parishes and a number meetings were held.

March 2017 Issues and Options

The third consultation with the residents was via the Issues and Options questionnaire on March 17th and 18th 2017. It was ascertained that a bespoke document for each village should be produced in order to focus on their individual situations. The purpose of this consultation was to give villagers more information on key issues and options regarding housing development and whether they wished the Group to issue a Call for Sites to be allocated for development, and to consider the extent of conservation area designation as well as the designation of important open and local green spaces.